#myNYDPD shitstorm|NYCPD now plans a new Facebook and Twitter campaign

Lately the NYC Police Department has went through a Twitter shitstorm. NYC citizens where asked to share their good experiences with NYC policemen but instead they illustrated cruelty. Today Mr. Tumin, the deputy commissioner for strategic interviews plans to respond back with a new Facebook and Twitter initiative.

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Take your Google searches to the next level – Google like a Boss

As most of us use Google several times a week. So it can really pay of to know all the tricks to an effective search! Especially if you are looking for specific information maybe even from a specific source. You can save yourself a lot of time, if you just know which phases and symbols to add to the search box. Take a look at how to “Google like a Boss”. Read the rest of the article

Shitstorm | US Airways Posts Pornographic Picture on Twitter

EditUS Airways is currently getting a lot of attention on their Twitter account after an employee responded to an unsatisfied customer with a porn picture! In this case, I really don’t think that bad publicity is better than no publicity.
Please be aware that the picture shown in this post is extremely offensive!

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Anti-Social Apps Help You Avoid Friends From Social Networks

hiding from social mediaThe anti-social trend has resulted in two new apps that help you avoid friends from your social networks. It could be the ex-boyfriend, a work colleague or specific family members. Both apps use data from your social networks to physically locate your friends and send you warnings.

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The Power of Online Communities|Lina’s Fight for Battery Hens

Communities have always been powerful. Social media today enable us to build more strong communities. Without social media, many communities would never reach the same level of support and achievements. An incredible example is Danish Lina, who fights for battery hens’ rights to a green life. Social media enables Lina to reach out to thousands of Danes not only to inform, but also to find new homes for retired battery hens, whose only other destiny was to become mink forage.

Lina and some of the saved hensPhoto: Jørgen Hansen, fyens.dk

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Another Long Tail in sight. New movie shot only with the iPhone 5

The phone is transforming into a tool that can be used in more complex processes. On the 4th of March, the first movie ever to be shot entirely by the use of an iPhone was released. It has lowered the barriers of entry for the film industry. I predict a signifiant industry change ahead.
Movie only by using iPhone 5

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WhatsApp: Sets a New Record. A Future Competitor to Skype

WhatsAppSince WhatsApp was bought by Facebook back in February, the debate has been intense as people discussed whether the app was actually worth the $19 billion that Facebook paid for the app. Today WhatsApp indirectly responds to back to critics with an announcement on Twitter. A new record has been made. The users of the instant messaging app have sent no less than 20 milliard messages in just 24 hours.

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Do it for Denmark! Spies Travel encourages Danes to have more sex

Do it for DenmarkThe Danish travel agency Spies is encouraging Danes to have more sex. The birth rate is declining, so the campaign suggests that Danes ‘do it’ on a vacation without any protection. Every couple who can prove that they got pregnant during a Spies vacation participates in the competition of baby supplies. Spies’ video has gone viral and is drawing renewed attention to Denmark.

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When dirty link building goes public: Webdesign.org and T-Mobile

The other day I stumbled across this hilarious incident on Twitter. It shows the conversation between T-Mobile and Vince from Webdesign.org. Even though it is against Google’s guidelines they chose to publicly chat about renewing the agreement of “fake” links.

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